Ostrich Leg Metallic Finish

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Python In Many Colours


For the unusual and exotic requirement, we offer a range of speciality skins.

Having spent some time researching the needs of these markets, we have now concentrated on those skins which seem to have the greatest appeal, and are now able to offer these from our stock programme.

The range now consists of STINGRAY, EEL and PYTHON in both back and belly cut, as per the following colour ranges.

Python Back Cut - matt grey, glazed natural - matt moon, matt brown

 Stingray - emerald, brown

- ivory, purple

- navy, greyhound

 Python Belly Cut - glazed natural, glazed grey

- matt natural, matt brown

 Eel - burgundy, black,

- brown, winter white

Python Back Cut - matt grey, glazed natural

- matt moon, matt brown