Goat suede is almost the opposite end of the spectrum to pig suede in that the skins are small, light and delicate. They provide beautiful nap and intense colour depth for a truly luxurious article, ideal for light weight, unlined garments. The size of the skin is limiting in that large panels are difficult to obtain, but this has not prevented full length ladies coats to be produced with the natural drape and softness desired. Due to the increasing demand for unlined garments we ensure all of our goat suedes are produced with absolute attention to cleanliness and colour consistency on the backs of the skins.

We have have over 32 beautiful colours in Goat suede , for those looking for a great wholesale price to build up stock please enquire about our Italian selection of suede skins at £15 each when ordering 100 skins. Call us on 01302 364005 or 07717083243 anytime.


Suggested Application: Garment, especially unlined, Hats, Gloves 

Our Camo Suede Grade A